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Claire Johnston
Veterinary Physiotherapist
Human Sports Massage Therapist

BSc Hons Veterinary Physiotherapy - First Class Honours

For those of you who don't know me, I'm Claire. I started my animal rehabilitation journey because I believe animals are constantly trying to communicate with their humans and it is our duty as owners to acknowledge and understand what they need. However, a lot of the time it's difficult to truly know what they are trying to say and subsequently, how we can help.

It is my responsibility to carefully evaluate, comprehend, and interpret what your animal is attempting to communicate, to instil in you the confidence to be the greatest possible owner, and to see when anything is wrong.

To achieve this, I evaluate the animal's behaviour, lifestyle, and home environment. I also perform a thorough musculoskeletal evaluation to look for patterns of tension, dysfunction, and discomfort. I will then collaborate with you and the rest of your team to develop a specialised strategy to get rid of any factors that could be causing the issue and put straightforward fixes in place to provide your animal with the best possible life.



I hold a First Class BSc Hons degree in Veterinary Physiotherapy, which required completing 300 hours of hands-on assessment and treatment within an extensive and evidence-based programme, covering topics such as orthopaedics, neurology, exercise physiology, biomechanics, rehabilitation protocols, soft tissue and joint mobilisation treatments.

I've had experience treating a wide range of diverse neurological and orthopaedic disorders in dogs, horses, rabbits, and cats! Each animal has unique demands, thus each treatment plan is tailored to your pet's requirements as well as your own capabilities.

My dissertation focussed on Intervertebral Disc Disease rehabilitation, so if you have been unfortunate enough to have a dog diagnosed with such a diagnosis, message me today, or visit for some useful information.


I am registered with The Institute of Registered Veterinary & Animal Physiotherapists and the Animal Health Professional Register, these organisations regulate Physiotherapists within the Veterinary field. I am required to complete a set number of continued professional development hours each year to ensure I stay current with all new methods and scientific research.

I have also chosen to register with the Progressive Equine Partnership as I support the current movement of equine professionals who are moving away from tradition and putting the welfare of the equine at the forefront of their practices.

My treatment style focuses on soft tissue and orthopaedic release and restoration, I do this via manual therapy, therapeutic exercises, fascial edge treatment, therapeutic ultrasound and TENS/NMES. 

Contact me today for a completely free phone consultation to discuss how Tails Therapy can help you and your animal.


Click below for information on how to gain a referral from your vet.

The Institute of Registered Veterinary & Animal Physiotherapists

Animal Health Professions' Register


The IRVAP Code of Practice sets a clear benchmark and expectation of all of its members (full members, associate members, ICH members and student members).

The Code reflects the legal, professional, ethical and organisational requirements members are responsible to meet in their conduct and practice.

Registration with IRVAP coupled with endorsing the shared values of the animal therapy profession empowers the Code of Practice to raise standards, increase public protection and promote the best possible service for animals and their owners.

See IRVAP's website for more information.

Membership of the AHPR is open to those professions who provide services for the treatment of animals under veterinary referral and for the maintenance of health. Those professions providing treatment are required to base practice on evidence based therapies and clinical reasoning, as well as any therapies for which the benefits are observable and measurable.


All registrants who provide treatment for the musculoskeletal system of an animal work with full adherence to the Veterinary Surgery (Exemptions) Order 2015 and only treat animals following veterinary referral, with veterinary permission, or with the knowledge of the consulting veterinary surgeon.

See AHPR's website for more information

Progressive Equine Partnership

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Founded in 2021, Progressive Equine Partnerships (PEP) is a global organisation dedicated to recognising and building a network of Equine Professionals and Establishments who are moving away from tradition and putting the welfare of the equine at the forefront of their practices.


Progressive Equine Partnerships strive to include all professionals in their directory who demonstrate unwavering commitment to improving equine welfare.

See PEP's website for more information

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